Alapatt Palathingal Family

Alapatt Palathingal Family is one of the traditional families of Kerala in India, which has its roots in the District of Thrissur. It is believed that one of the disciples of Jesus Christ, St. Thomas came to Kerala in 52 AD. He attracted some Brahmin families to the path of Christ and they adopted Christianity. According to traditional belief St. Thomas created seven Christian communities here. One of the thirty two important Brahmin villages in Kerala in that period was Moolikulam (now Moozhikulam). A “Mana”( Brahmin House) named Alapatt Mana in Moozhikulam is the origin of Alapatt family. It is traditionally believed that different branches of Alapatt Family spread all over the world with different sub names originated from Alapatt Mana.Alapatt Palathingal Family is one of the main sub divisions of Alapatt Family. There are other Alapatt Families too who have acquired the name Alapatt by nuptial knot.

History of Alapatt Palathingal Family is traced down to ten generations spread over a period of more than three centuries. Alapatt Palathingal Family starts from a “Karanavar”(family head) named Varu who lived in the early 1700s.Varu had four sons namely Vareed, Anthony, Chummar and Poulose. The descendants of Vareed, Anthony & Chummar are the Alapatt Palathingal Family members. Like all traditional Christian families Alapatt Palathingal Family paid close attention to the religious, moral, economic and educational betterment of the family members. All these years the family has stood by its cherished values and thrived on its rich tradition.

Alapatt Palathingal Family can certainly be proud of eminent personalities who have excelled in various fields. Several members of our family have rendered selfless service to Syro-Malabar Catholic Church. Mar Dr. George Alapatt(1900-1973) was the Bishop of Thrissur Diocese in the period 1944-1970. Monsignor Ephrem Palathingal(1917-1998) was Procurator and Councilor of Thrissur Diocese. Rev.Fr. Vincent CMI (1895-1963) was the Prior General of CMI Congregation in 1947. Mother Marium Magdalena (1876-1947) became the first Mother General of CMC Congregation in 1937. Twenty Rev. Priests and nearly fifty Rev.Sisters of the Alapatt Palathingal Family have served the society well. Mothers of two Catholic Bishops (Mar Joseph Pastor Neelamkavil CMI –Former Bishop of Sagar and Mar Paul Chittilappilly-Bishop of Thamarassery) are from Alapatt Palathingal Family. Some of our family members have occupied important Govt. positions in IAS, IPS, IFS and IES cadre. There are others who are professionals like Scientists, Doctors, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Advocates, Teachers and Businessmen.

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